Recycling Week!

In light of Recycling Week in NZ last week (19th – 25th October), we decided we would provide some insight into how our Auckland office manages our recycling.

We use carbon neutral paper for printing purposes and all staff have a paper recycling tray which goes into our paper recycling bin provided by Reclaim.

In the kitchen we house a general waste, cardboard recycling, and general recycling bins which we encourage staff to use, alongside information signs to showcase to staff what can go in each bin. In July we introduced a worm farm into the office to encourage less food waste going to landfill. So far, it has been working really well, with at least 4kg of food scraps (that meet the criteria) going into the worm farm instead of landfill every week. We recycle the bottles from our brewery to store and transport the worm tea. We have a few crazy plant ladies in the office whose plants have grown rapidly as a result of using the worm tea!

We utilise Green Gorilla Recycling and Waste for our commercial sized skip bin and cardboard recycling bins, who are passionate about recycling products and materials within the New Zealand, leaving landfill as their last resort.

We encourage everyone to get on board as every little bit helps! 😊 #sustainability #recyling #environment