Fly The Flag: Mates In Construction

On Wednesday last week a small portion of our team grouped together for a breakfast BBQ to recognise and raise awareness for the MATES in Construction NZ “Fly the Flag Week”. This event was meant to take place in September, however due to COVID-19 restrictions at the time, it had to be postponed.

To raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention, we hung posters and placed suggestion boxes for employees to have their say on how Apex as a company and an employer, can aid in their mental health and wellbeing, especially whilst at work.

We received positive suggestions which are being taken into consideration moving forward. We aim to increase the awareness around mental health, wellbeing, and suicide prevention to support our MATES around us.

We chatted with employees about mental health, stress, and the free 24/7 helpline that MATES in Construction offers. We encouraged employees to reach out, support each other and have a conversation.

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