Breadtags for Wheelchairs

Little tags make a big difference and represent an international act of kindness! By collecting bread tags, Apex is making a difference to the lives of people in need of a wheelchair.

Bread tags are made of high impact polystyrene and have good recycling value, also having a positive impact on our environment (less plastic to landfill resulting in less harm to our native wildlife and marine environment). The tags are melted down and used to make other items such as seedling trays, picture frames, coat hangers. These items are then sold, with the profits used to buy wheelchairs for people who could not otherwise afford one. It takes 200kg of tags (approx. 20,720 tags) to bring in enough money to buy one wheelchair.

The Bread Tags for Wheel Chairs organisation was founded in 2006 in Cape Town and they provide 2-3 wheelchairs to adults and children around South Africa every month.

It would be great for other organisations to get on board and collect within their offices! We are eager to help and can assist with collection if need be, feel free to get in contact if you’d like us to help out 😊