Our Culture: Apex Gym

Amidst a global pandemic, in 2020 (and after some careful persuasion by employees), the Auckland office built a light commercial grade workplace gym for employee utilisation.

To add a fun element to our efforts, we decided that the gym should have its own logo, which our employee Sam Winks designed. 

We reconfigured our warehouse to allow for the new gym space and started the fitout which took several months to complete, battling the interchanging levels of lockdown! To best utilise the space, the equipment purchased for the gym enables a vast range of training styles, and most machines are dual functioning.


Alongside the endless benefits of exercise, we believe the gym aligns with our health & wellness policy and enables employees to challenge each other within the space.

We have recently contracted a Personal Trainer to run morning sessions twice weekly to both mentally and physically push our employees to their limits! So far, we have had great feedback from our employees about the sessions.

Apex Gym.jpg